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Etisilk tejidos de olefina
Texsilk Outdoor Fabrics
Pol. Ind. Salelles
Ctra. Manresa Igualada Km.3
08253 St. Salvador de Guardiola
(Barcelona) Espanya
Tel. +34 93 835 80 37
Fax. +34 93 835 86 22


The staff at the sales department and customer service of Etisilk is responsible to take care of requests from new contacts and from customers. They will provide the correct answer and advice to all your questions related with each service and product that the company offers:

Proposing prices, offers, budgets: each inquiry is treated particularly according to customer requirements in order to provide the best technical solution at the most competitive level.

Design of Woven Labels drawings: Etisilk has a department of woven labels design. Its staff makes the textile design of the woven labels that contain logos, texts, etc.

Tailoring of physical woven labels samples: When dealing with a new design or label, customers receive physical woven samples (with exact colours, shape and measures) of the labels. Once the woven sample is approved, we proceed with the production of the order.

Confirming new orders: The staff will receive your new orders and take the necessary steps to put them in the production process for a reliable delivery on the agreed dates.

Locating orders: Customers can contact to find out in which situation the orders are, either during the manufacturing process or once delivered to the transport company. The goal is to guarantee reliable delivery delays.

Etisilk Texsilk
Texsilk Outdoor Fabrics
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